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Wall Installation

My belief that there is a link between all things in nature continues to influence my artwork and daily life. When I am not painting, I spend my time outdoors, landscaping and gardening, which provide me with limitless opportunities for discovery.

In painting and photography I focus on the smallest areas of an object or space that best represents the essence of the whole while searching for symbolic images embedded in the natural forms that allude to more than just the subject at hand. My conscious concerns are for color, depth, movement and atmosphere and creating a strong mood associated with each image. The finish piece usually reveals both conscious and subliminal intentions.

I am inspired by the evocative qualities of the works of Mark Rothko, Georgia O'Keefe and the 19th C Luminists. I am also intrigued by micro/macro scientific photography.

For me, a work of art should appeal to all of the senses, and suggest not one thing, but all things. This process of discovery, passion for color, and an underlying romanticism are what define me as an artist.


Donna Pacinelli, April 2012

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